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In October 2013 merged into

Founded way back in 1998, was one of the very first affiliate networks, providing cutting edge services to Top 500 brand name advertisers. currently offers advertisers the opportunity run lead generation offers through our host and post mobile platform, as well as link out mobile friendly WAP sites and pay per install for Android and iOS.

Our innovative technologies have evolved over the last 15 years to offer our affiliates and advertisers an incredibly powerful and yet extremely simple to use, reliable and dependable service. Starting as a banner and ezine advertising network with thousands of affiliates worldwide, has always been one step ahead, constantly evolving over the years to accommodate the current technologies and trends. We believe in specializing in one thing, and doing it well, which is why we chose to focus all of our efforts into the rapidly expanding mobile marketplace, through the utilization of our proprietary cloud based mobile platform. Our mobile based SDK makes it easy for developers to build our ad delivery platform right into their own application.

With no set up costs, no monthly fees, no minimum run contracts and our first class customer service, we are able to provide a total turnkey, no risk solution.

What type of offers can MobTap run?

a) Host and Post: We will host the form, collect the data and post it to your server. You just tell us what fields you want, what field names to use to post it to you and where to post and we do the rest! No mobile web site required as all the action takes place within our platform.

b) Interstitial/Offer Wall Popup: Supply us with a 45x45 Icon & banner and we'll put you into our offer wall/interstitial popups. End users will be sent to your web site, although your site will be presented within our platform, therefore your site must be a WAP mobile friendly web site. See example

c) Downloads: End users are sent to Google Play or Apple App store to download your app on a pay per install basis

All of the above formats are displayed within our propriety mobile platform.

How does your system differ from traditional banner serving?
Traditional banner servers force the end user to click on the banner and then leave the mobile application to view the advertisers web site within the devices mobile browser. Our platform differs in that we never take the user outside of our platform which runs within the application that displayed our offers, thereby giving the end user availability of controls which allow them to easily go back to the application they were using, our platform does not require or use the devices external web browser. Whether host and post, or an interstitial popup the user is always kept in the platform.

No Setup Costs/Monthly Fees
Setting up an offer easy, just provide us with all the required media as per the self explanatory document which we provide to you and we'll add your campaign to our system the same day!. Everything happens at our side!

First Class Customer Support
Your business relies upon operation of an efficient affiliate network and we are there when you need us. We treat our advertisers as we would expect to be treated, making sure that requests are handled within the same business day.

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