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Free banner exchange

  • Advertise other apps = Receive credits
  • Use credits to promote your own apps for free
  • Straight 1 to 1 exchange

Get paid

  • Secondary banner displays advertiser offers
  • Get paid when end users participate with offers

Offer Wall Plug-in

  • Integrate with one line of code
  • Proven ad engine = High payouts
  • Users stay within your app
  • You choose when offers appear

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Full customization
Customize the "Back to" button text
Create custom header messages
Match to your app with 5 different themes

  • Lightweight SDK. Requires just one line of code.
  • No banners required, offers pop over the top of the app
  • End user stays in the app with ‘In App’ platform
  • Works along side other ad networks
  • Real-time tracking & reporting system
  • End user can easily exit back to the app

Advanced targeting engine increases revenue

  • Zero maintenance: Cloud based platform offers highest flexibility and control
  • Unlimited sub-accounts/unlimited tracking accounts, ideal for multiple apps
  • Fully customizable
  • Geo-targeted global platform reaches into 200+ countries

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  • Millions of dollars paid out, worldwide, to thousands of affiliates
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